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It works, robots won't just change our lives in the future, they'll expand them. Not just for fun, but for necessity.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is currently one of the hottest topics in IT and It's are increasingly shaping future of work and jobs.

Big Data

Big data is the backbone of groundbreaking scientific and medical research, bringing the ability to analyze and study at a rate never before available.

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Main Products

Robotics as a Product: ELFiX Robotic OS

ELFiX® is a Software Platform for Service Robots. It includes reusable components and tools to combine them into smart autonomous behavior of the robot.
ELFiX® software architecture repeats the structure of Biological Brain.

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Machine Learning vs Aliens: Educational RPG

The funniest way to learn Machine Learning in the virtual world of Educational Game. Meet ML Vs Aliens. Just right now you can enjoy our first episode of the game where you will have to fight aliens with newly accommodated power of Python, Machine Learning and Data Science.

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CodeGemz s.r.o. is a team of 8 located in Slovakia (Bratislava) and Ukraine (Kyiv, Uzhhorod). Our people represent rather diverse crowd of highly talented individuals with backgrounds in computer science, physics, robotics, AI, finance and 3d design.
We use team’s diversity as fusion generator for Good Ideas.
We use team’s expertise to turn them into reality.

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